Friday, July 22, 2011


Rainy, cold, bleary, cloudy weather.  One of those days where the sky seems very leaden, grey and impossibly low. Driving along it was like buckets of water were being thrown over my windscreen. My wipers were pretty ineffectual against the combination of wind and water and the car's speed.. not that I was going very fast - I slow down when I can't see as I don't seem to have that magical radar other drivers have that allows them to still travel at light speed on wet slippery roads (although I do think this 'radar" might be more aligned with sheer recklessness than anything extrasensory)

I slow down in winter and I yawn a lot. I want to stay in bed and I feel like my world shrinks. I know that's just a response to the weather, the cold and the inevitable bouts of illness that winter brings but it makes me feel shut off from the flow and that makes me feel like I'm missing one of my senses.

Winter has it's good points - making warm food, reading books, staying in and talking more to my family and getting to know myself better - it just seems to drag on about a month too long. I miss the blue sky and the warmth and the openness of the warmer weather.

I suppose all this dreariness means I will appreciate and give thanks for the sun when I finally see it. When the Earth's axis finally tilts our way so that we have summer here, I will not complain when I sweat profusely and get sunburnt in 5 minutes flat. Promise. Ok, I promise I won't whine the first time it happens.

The rain's back now and I swear the drizzling sky is so low I could stand on tippy toes and touch it...