Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year

The first day of a new year sets us up with all sorts of promise. Here so far, there's been discussions on UFO's, the paranormal, cryptozoology and pizza. That's pretty much a normal day for us.

It's also the first hot day of Summer. I know this because the washing I hung out was completely dry in 20 minutes!

I'm also going to try and snazz up this blog. Why? Because at first I liked the whole 'sun through the tree' thing on the template, but now it's reminding me more and more of how I used to burn holes in things with my nan's magnifying glass as a child. The concentrated beam of light is sizzling my eyeballs and giving me a design headache.

Hopefully the wonderful Mr Summers will come to my rescue - once I can think of what to change the background to. I have some ideas - well ok one sort of idea, but I'm definitely no stylish blog designer.. and it shows.

ahh well I guess the years roll on but some things never change :D

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