Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life’s Numbers

11. Justice. Adjustment, bringing things back into balance. Looking at your worlds and then yourself and bringing/taking enough into each to balance the scales. Respecting ethics, assuming responsibility. Understanding cause and effect (and here’s the hard part for me) accepting results, recognising karma and understanding how and why I choose all those sticky situations I get myself into. 
Justice is my birth card. The card of my life’s lessons this time around. Don’t even get me started on the fact that you can take Justice as number 11 and break it down even further to arrive at the 2. The High Priestess. What a combo! My perfect Tarot setup to drive me crazy if I need to make any decisions at all. Facts argue with my gut instincts. The outside clinical stuff battles with my inner feelings. Ethereal touchy feely “don’t ask me why I just know it” gets weighed on the scales against cold hard observation. Sometimes I think the only thing these two tarot women have in common for me is that they are both sitting down! Combined they perfectly represent my monthly battle with PMS - where one minute I’m serenely seated considering some spark of inner wisdom and the next I want to slice your head off and consider it perfect Justice done.
It’s no wonder I’m exhausted.

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